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Media Release 12/01/15

Maternity Services Concerns Unfounded…

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS) moved quickly this week to address community concerns caused by recent misinformation about changes to its maternity services model.

BRHS CEO Therese Tierney reassured the community that rather than a service being lost as had been reported on social media, the existing My Midwife Program is in fact being improved upon through investment and expansion to deliver a service accessible to all women in the community rather than only a few.

Therese Tierney, BRHS CEO

“The My Midwife Program has been a wonderful program with women benefiting from access to a known midwife throughout their pregnancy and birth.”
Ms Tierney said. “The Program however had a limit in the number of women who could access the service. We felt the need to invest more in this type of
service and to improve the model to make it accessible to all women rather than just a select few.”

“Both here at BRHS and in my previous roles as CEO of metropolitan women’s hospitals, I have seen, and appreciate, the difference a primary midwife can
make to the pregnancy and birth journey of women and their families” she said. “We would like to reassure all concerned members of community that we are simply transitioning to a new, improved model of care with midwives and doctors working in true partnership, with the women participating in the existing
My Midwife Program to be supported throughout this transition.”

The new maternity services model will see doctors from both MacLeod St and Bairnsdale Medical Group practices coming together with the BRHS midwifery team to provide a woman and family friendly clinic with a range of care options and choice for women.

The most up to date information on these changes will be available on the BRHS website throughout the transition with community being kept fully informed through community meetings, newspaper articles and through their healthcare provider.

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