$2 At a Time, Kiosk Auxiliary Helps Expand Vital Services at BRHS

Kiosk Auxiliary volunteers Fran Lipscombe and Maureen Huntington. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


The opening of the first ever High Dependency Unit at BRHS last month has given us the ability to provide high quality care to certain patients that would have previously needed to be transferred to larger hospitals elsewhere in the state.

It’s a critical asset to the hospital, and to the community.

This addition would not have been possible without the remarkable generosity and unwavering commitment to the hospital of the local men and women that make up the hospital’s Kiosk Auxiliary.

If you’ve ever been a patient or visitor (or staff member!) at the hospital and been in urgent need of cold drink, quick snack or thoughtful gift, you’ve probably met one of our Kiosk volunteers.

They make sure the Kiosk is open seven days a week, and for more than 50 years the proceeds of all sales at the Kiosk have gone to providing essential equipment and supplies at the hospital.

“It is hugely satisfying to see the positive impact we’ve been able to make on people’s lives.”

It boggles the mind to calculate how many $2 drinks and $2 bars it took to raise this amount, but the Kiosk Auxiliary donated the incredible sum of $150,000 to outfit the HDU, the largest single donation in its history.

It is the second very large donation the Kiosk Auxiliary has made to the hospital in the past five years, following an $80,000 contribution to a new Short Stay Unit in 2014.

“In recent years we’ve set our sights on big, ambitious fundraising goals,” says Kiosk Auxiliary President Sandra Martin. “And I think being able to work toward really significant projects, things that have made a substantial difference to the hospital and to people in the community, has really energised our team of volunteers.”

“After all those volunteer hours, stocking the machine and manning the kiosk, all those evenings keeping the kiosk open, it is hugely satisfying to see the positive impact we’ve been able to make on people’s lives.”

In addition to equipping the HDU unit, the Kiosk Auxiliary has also funded the furnishing of a special quiet room for the families of patients in the HDU, at a cost of $5,060.

“It’s a lovely space,” says Kiosk Auxiliary Stock Coordinator Anne Day. “The quiet room is somewhere that families can find some time for themselves, or talk privately with doctors and staff. We felt it was really important to have a space like this, to support families and make their lives as comfortable as possible during what is often a difficult time.”

True to form, the Kiosk Auxiliary is not resting on their laurels. Already discussions are underway about the next ambitious fundraising goal.

May 20 – 26 is National Volunteers Week, and we’re taking a moment to recognise and celebrate the many volunteers, like the Kiosk Auxiliary, that make invaluable contributions to the BRHS community.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering at BRHS, it’s easy. Just visit www.brhs.com.au/volunteers-fundraising.