After 60+ Nominations, We’re Weighing Up the Winners of BRHS Trademark Behaviours Awards


Thank you to all BRHS staff that took a moment to shout out their appreciation for a colleague that is doing a great job by nominating them for our Trademark Behaviours Awards recently.

We received more than 60 nominations, which is awesome. There’s a lotta love in this place.

It’s great to see that staff at BRHS are keen to give credit where it is due, and take the time to pat their workmates on the back.

All those nominations are now being sought through, and we hope to be able to announce the winners in the next few weeks.

Thank you again for your efforts to boost the camaraderie and good vibes of life and work at BRHS.

Win, lose or draw, by letting your colleagues know that you appreciate them you’ve already made a positive impact on this workplace.