Another Step in the Green Direction – Kitchen to Switch to Biodegradable Food Containers

Food Services Exec Chef Cam Penwill gives the new biodegradable food containers a test run. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


BRHS is taking another important step toward being more environmentally sustainable, and reducing the amount of waste we send to the landfill.

Next month the staff kitchen will switch to using biodegradable takeaway food containers, cups and cutlery.

The rectangle takeaway containers, made by Australian company BioPak, are made from reclaimed sugarcane pulp.

The cups are made from paper sourced from managed plantations and coated with a bioplastic made from plants. The cutlery is made from sustainably sourced Birchwood.

After use, the biodegradable containers and cutlery should be placed in recycling bins.

Food Services Exec Chef Cam Penwill said the new biodegradable containers were just one element of a broader waste reduction strategy.

“We’ve also put more ceramic cups and mugs in all the staff rooms and kitchens around the hospital, to encourage staff to use those whenever possible,” he said.

Cam said that due to the higher cost of biodegradable containers, staff would notice a small surcharge on takeaway meals.

“In terms of environmental sustainability, staff should try to use the proper plates and cups and cutlery whenever possible, because they’re reuseable,” he said. “But in the instances where they have to use takeaway containers, it’s terrific to know that we’re not further contributing to the landfill unnecessarily.”

The move to biodegradable food containers is another positive initiative at BRHS being driven by the Green Team.

Led by Hospital Attendant Shane Elmore, and Dialysis Nurse Lisa Anderson, the Green Team is actively pursuing innovative projects to improve sustainability at BRHS and reduce the health service’s environmental footprint. All interest staff are encouraged to join.

To get involved with the Green Team, or just to learn more, contact Shane Elmore at or Lisa Anderson at