Born and Raised a Nurse’s Son, Jacob Ellis Finds a Happy Home Back at BRHS

Jacob Ellis: “I’m loving it here.” Photo by Jake Lynch/BRHS


When Jacob Ellis says he feels like he grew up in this hospital, he really means it.

For starters he was born here, and the hospital was the backdrop for much of his early life.

His mum, Susan Carroll, was a nurse here, and Jacob would come by after school to meet her when she knocked off in the afternoon.

(Susan is still a nursing coordinator at BRHS from time to time, and is the manager of the Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre in East Gippsland.)

“No one has ever been too busy to help me.”

Jacob says that after spending so much time around his Mum as a youngster, going into nursing himself always felt like a very natural step.

“When they taught us how to make a bed with hospital corners, I remember thinking, ‘oh, is there another way?’” he says. “I used to help Mum in the bush nursing centre, too, stripping down trays, cleaning. It meant that when I began my nursing training, a lot of those things all felt very normal to me.”

After studying Biomedical Science at Federation University in Ballarat, Jacob felt the urge to follow that family lineage into a career in nursing, a move that brought him back to the familiar halls of BRHS.

Now that he has returned he’s seeing staff at the hospital again that first knew him as the young schoolboy waiting for his mum to finish work.

After spending the first six months of his internship on Rotamah Ward, Jacob has now moved to Tambo Ward.

“We always want young nurses starting their careers to know that this is a welcoming and supportive place for them.”

The experience has reaffirmed that following his instinct for nursing was the right move.

“I’m loving it here,” he says. “This is absolutely what I want to do in the future.”

Jacob says one of the best things about his experience at BRHS has been the support he’s received from other nurses in helping him continue his education.

“Everyone is always very busy, but no one has ever been too busy to help me with something or show me something,” he says.

Nurse Unit Manager Sue Hutton says it is really pleasing to hear interns speak highly of the level of support they receive on the job.

“We always want young nurses starting their careers to know that this is a welcoming and supportive place for them,” Sue says. “I’m very proud of all the nursing staff for making Jacob feel supported and taking time out of their work to share their experience and knowledge.”