BRHS’ Christmas Lunch Raises Almost $500 for Drought Relief

Photo: Ryan Song/Unsplash


As we all know the greatest gift is not to receive, but to give. And by this measure it was very merry Christmas last year here at BRHS.

Thanks to the generous initiative of our Food Services team, the annual Christmas lunch raised almost $500 for drought stricken farmers in East Gippsland.

Food Services Exec Chef Cam Penwill (pictured here with visiting dignitaries from the North Pole) says that after providing a free Christmas lunch every year for the past few years, the decision was made last year to use the occasion to raise some money for a worthwhile local cause.

“So we asked for gold coin donation,” Cam said. “It wasn’t required, but it was great to see so many people willing to give.”

The money was given to Gippsland Farmer Relief Inc., and used to buy food and nappies for farming families in the region.

(A spokescow for the cows of East Gippsland said they were very mooooooooved by the generosity of BRHS staff.)