De-escalation Training to Help BRHS Staff Deal with Situations of Occupational Violence


Health staff working in medical clinics, suites, hospitals and emergency departments are increasingly faced with situations of aggression involving patients, visitors or other members of the public.

In order to make sure BRHS staff are well-equipped to deal with these situations in the safest and most effective way, we have contracted with an external provider – Pro-Com Consulting – to provide de-escalation training for our frontline staff.

If you work in the Emergency Department, Tambo Ward, Security, Environmental Services, Dental or as an Admin Support Officer, you should have received an email invitation to attend your training.

The trainings are mandatory for those staff that were invited.

  • If you work in any of the areas listed above, please make sure you schedule your training today.
  • If you work in any of the areas listed above but didn’t receive an invitation, please follow up with your manager.
  • It is very important that we fill all available spots in the training sessions, so if you can’t attend your training please let your manager know.

Pro-Com’s Code Grey/Code Black training programs equip staff to manage dangerous incidents of aggression within the health environment.

The Code Grey/Code Black program is designed to fit the needs of front line health industry staff working both on and off-site who are increasingly faced with situations of occupational violence.

The program is built around a core of proven crisis negotiation principles and tactics and fully supports the hospital’s health and safety policy.

Pro-Com philosophy is ‘talk naturally, think tactically’ and uses the elements of adaptability, awareness, strategy and delivery in response to critical incidents.

The first round of trainings are October 8, 9 and 10. The second round is November 13 and 14.

For more information about these trainings contact Workplace Relations Coordinator Danielle McToldridge on ext. 66488 or