Deadline Friday to Nominate a BRHS Colleague or Team You Feel Deserves Recognition

Karen Hamilton nominated Joan Micah for a BRHS Trademark Behaviours Award. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


This is the last week for you to nominate a colleague or team for BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours Awards!

The deadline for nominations is the end of the day on Friday, Aug. 16.

The BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours Awards recognise employees for their excellent contribution and demonstration of the principles, values and characteristics that BRHS staff strive to maintain.

And for the last few weeks staff all over the hospital have been submitting nominations for workmates they feel deserve recognition.

Like Preadmission Clinic Coordinator Karen Hamilton, who nominated fellow Surgical Services team member Joan Micah.

“Joan consistently goes out of her way to ensure all the needs of our customers are met,” Karen wrote in her nomination. “She demonstrates a keenness and flexibility to work in other areas within the surgical services team and does so efficiently and effectively. I constantly overhear patients and their families stating that they are pleased to meet the lady that is so helpful and helped solve their problems.”

“Keep up the good work, Joan.”

Good on you, Karen!

It feels great to praise your colleagues for the good work they do.

Take a few moments to nominate a BRHS colleague or team today!