Ever Wondered What a 5-Year-Old Thinks About What Happens at a Hospital?


Ever wondered what a 5-year-old thinks about what happens at a hospital?

We did. So we asked some. (We asked some older kids, too.)

BRHS’s Media and Communications Coordinator Jake Lynch met with students at Metung Primary School last week, to talk about what happens at BRHS, who works there, and to answer important questions like “if you accidentally stick your brother in the foot with a nail gun, will he have to go to hospital?” (Answer: probably, yes.)

Following these earnest discussions, the Metung students got to work on making posters about what hospitals are all about, some of which we are very proud to share here. (We’ll also be displaying the posters in the hospital over the weeks ahead.)

Our fun project with Metung Primary School was the fabulous idea of BRHS Social Work Team Leader (and Metung Primary School parent) Casey Brownlie, and is part of a broader effort here at BRHS to make the hospital and the organisation as a whole a safe, friendly and engaging place for children.

We recently formalised our Commitment to Child Safety.

We want children to be safe, happy and empowered.

A child safe organisation;

  • Creates a culture that is child safe, child friendly and child aware.
  • Creates conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children.
  • Creates conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying and reporting harm.
  • Responds appropriately to disclosures, allegations or suspicions of harm.

For more information about our work around becoming a child safe organisation, contact Social Work Team Leader Fiona Jennings, who is the Child Safe Standards Project Leader, at fiona.jennings@brhs.com.au.