Farewell Dr. Hooke – Respected Nephrologist Retires

“He’s a lovely man,” said long-time patient Gloria of Dr. Hooke. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Over almost three decades serving dialysis patients in East Gippsland, Dr. David Hooke became a much-loved and respected man.

And so respect and admiration was tinged with sadness earlier this month when Dr. Hooke made one last visit to BRHS’ Dialysis Unit, and then retired.

Dr. Hooke has been travelling to Bairnsdale to provide nephrology consultant services since the mid-1990s, as well as trips to other communities throughout the region.

His manner of travel differs from most medical specialists. Dr. Hooke is a qualified pilot and former Wing Commander in the RAAF Reserve, and on occasion flew his own plane to East Gippsland to visit patients. Sometimes, he’d take patients with him to Melbourne on the return journey.

“Despite his keen interest in flying, Dr. Hooke has always been very grounded in his care of Renal patients in East Gippsland,” said Dialysis Unit Senior Manager Justin Hamilton. “His patients have an extremely high respect for their kidney doctor. The medical and nursing staff have worked with him for numerous years, and in this time have found him approachable and always willing to teach.”

“He has always supported the dialysis unit, been an advocate for his patients and provided service to a very high standard.”

Gloria, a long time patient of Dr. Hooke, was able to pass on her thanks and best-wishes to Dr. Hooke on his last day at BRHS.

“He’s a lovely man,” said Gloria, who Dr. Hooke had been attending regularly for the past 15 years. “He really looks after his patients.”

There’s little chance Dr. Hooke’s retirement will be a sedate affair. He’s currently honing his abilities in an acrobatic biplane. When not upside down thousands of feet above the ground, you’ll find him traipsing through the wild waters of New Zealand and Tasmania, wielding his fly rod.

Congratulations, Dr. Hooke, on a marvellous career, and thank you for your service.