For Womens Health Week, Try These Healthy Eating Time Savers

Photo: Jean Hailes for Women’s Health


Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles women report as to why they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle is ‘lack of time’.

That’s something we can all appreciate.

Which is why the organisation Jean Hailes, a leader in women’s health and the spearhead of Women’s Health Week, 2 – 6 September, has created a webpage of resource to help busy women be healthy.

One of the features of that page is a host of recipes of fast and simple meals you can make that are great for you.

Some of the recipes include Black Bean and Sweet Potato Nachos, Vegie Roast, and Chicken Meatballs.

Check all the recipes out, here.

This Women’s Health Week, do yourself a favour and add a new healthy (and easy) meal to your repertoire!


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