From Bairnsdale to the Outback – Donated Equipment to Battle Trachoma in Remote Aboriginal Community

BRHS’ Shane Elmore with Peter Dell of the Rotary Club of Warragul.


Australia is the only developed country in the world where people still suffer with trachoma, an infectious eye disease.

Trachoma is still present in remote Aboriginal communities, and it can lead to permanent blindness.

Rotary Australia has set itself the goal of getting rid of trachoma in Australia by 2021.

And BRHS is proud to help them in that effort.

Thanks to a connection between Environmental Services Team Member Shane Elmore and the Rotary Club of Warragul, BRHS has been able to donate one of our superseded ear, nose and throat examination scopes to a health clinic in Santa Teresa, an Aboriginal community south-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

The equipment will improve examinations and health outcomes for the 555 residents of Santa Teresa and make a small but significant contribution to the fight to end trachoma.

This piece of medical equipment is just one of a number of donations the hospital has made recently through Rotary and other organisations.

That includes donating furniture, mobile patient lifters, and hospital beds and mattresses to an orphanage for disabled children in Fiji, and donating single use surgical instruments to local and interstate veterinary clinics.

To learn more about BRHS’ efforts to repurpose and donate equipment and supplies, contact General Services Manager Paul Taylor at