New Birthing Centre Terrific News For The Region

BRHS CEO Robyn Hayles talks to Channel 9 News Gippsland about our plans for a new Family Birthing Centre.
Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


It’s certainly one of the most exciting things happening at the hospital at the moment, and we’re pleased to be able to share the news with the whole region.

The announcement that the Bairnsdale Regional Health Service will be developing a new, modern Family Birthing Centre at our main Day Street Campus has been heartily welcomed by young families and everyone in the community.

And yesterday we were pleased to give Channel 9 News Gippsland a quick tour around the future site of the Family Birthing Centre and tell them all about the services we’ll soon be able to offer expecting Mums and their families.

Thanks to $545,000 from the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority’s Regional Health Infrastructure Fund, the new birthing suites will be significantly larger than the current birthing rooms, providing a more comfortable and welcoming space for women, babies and their families to be together and relax.

The facility will have an adjoining corridor to the operating theatre, for the very small number of women that do need additional services, ensuring timely, private and safe movement of women if that is required.

“It is an exciting opportunity to create an environment that supports mothers and families during birth,” our CEO Robyn Hayles told Channel 9 journalist Sophie Griffiths.

We currently have about 350 births at the hospital each year, supporting woman from Bairnsdale and the wider East Gippsland Region. Our midwifes and local General Practice Obstetricians aim to provide a person- and family-centered service.

According to Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Hodge, the new centre will allow us to encourage mothers and their new babies to stay in the birthing room for 24 hours, and if they are ready to leave they can go straight home. If they require more recovery time, as some Mums do, they will move to the first floor.

“We hope to create a light, culturally safe and welcoming family-centered space,” Lisa said. “Our plan is to also have an education space, and hopefully some clinic review space so mothers and supporting partners will visit the space prior to the birth. This, we hope, will also make it more comfortable when it is time to give birth.”

“The birthing centre will be a nice space where women can birth, and where mothers and babies can stay together to enable early bonding.”

The project will go through a tender process over the next couple of months and, at this stage, we would hope the Centre will open in approximately 12 months’ time.

Watch this space – we’ll keep you updated with latest news about the Family Birthing Centre as it comes to hand.