In Its Many Forms, Innovation Spurred by the Desire for Positive Change

Associate Nurse Unit Manager Hannah Scott with BRHS CEO Robyn Hayles. Photo: Jessica Shapiro


Said the late Steve Jobs: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

That’s an idea that we keep firmly in mind here at BRHS as we stay focused on always being a leader in the provision of quality healthcare.

In this field, and in life, innovation takes many forms.

Sometimes it looks like whizz-bang technology and high-tech machines, or the use of digital networks to bridge thousands of kilometres with a single click.

But sometimes innovation is less noticeable. Sometimes it takes the form of imagination – brave and creative thinking to unearth new solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems.

And sometimes it just looks like culture change.

It’s an exciting time at BRHS, with our leaders, managers and staff in every department across the organisation focused on ways we can innovate and improve how we operate – to provide better service, to do more with less, to reduce waste and to be happier and healthier.

Notably, our commitment to innovation was the driver behind the construction of our new High Dependency Unit recently, and our Telehealth program, both of which are enabling us to provide high quality care to certain patients that would have previously needed to be transferred to larger hospitals elsewhere in the state.

It’s also the driver behind several good things happening here at BRHS around environmental efficiency and sustainability, including one of the largest solar panel installations for a regional hospital anywhere in Australia, and a remarkable, systemic recycling program that is reducing waste of everything from old computers to medical materials, water, and food containers.

(Stay tuned to the BRHS Blog for more news to come.)

Here at BRHS, we always try to recognise and celebrate innovation in whatever form it takes.

Innovation is important to us not just to be able to provide the highest quality health care, but because we aim to be a spearhead of growth, creativity, innovation and positive change in this community.

Which is why we are really proud to be sponsoring the Innovation Award at the East Gippsland Business Awards this year, and to be able to spotlight the creativity and innovation of those local entrepreneurs and businesses that make East Gippsland a terrific place to live and work.

In this endeavour we plan to always lead by example. It is our goal that East Gippsland will be known as a place where brave and ambitious businesses find success and are supported throughout the community.