In Lindenow, Friendship and Comradery a Strong Bond

Lil Brown, Robyn Mitton and Ian Brown at the Lindenow Planned Activity Group. Photos: Jake Lynch/BRHS


“It’s the company.”

“Most of us live on our own, and it’s just great to get out of those four walls once in a while.”

“We all know each other, and it’s wonderful to talk and catch up.”

Once a week a small group of Lindenow locals and ex-locals catch up at the Lindenow Hall.

They play board games, they knit, and they break bread.

Sometimes they take a trip to another town in East Gippsland, to have a lunch at a new spot.

The sense of comradery and deep fellowship amongst them is obvious, and it warms the hall.

Whatever they do, the most important thing seems to be that they do it together.

The Lindenow Planned Activity Group meets every Tuesday, as they have done for the past 27 years.

The group first met on June 15, 1992. Bev Mace was the group’s coordinator then. Now, she leaves the work to BRHS Planned Activity Group Coordinator Robyn Mitton, but still comes along for the company.

98-year-old Lil Brown has been here since the beginning. And as you look around the room, the old friends chatting in groups, you can see that many of the relationships here are decades old.

The friends swap stories about people and places, some of them long gone, some of them still parts of their daily lives. They reminisce and reflect, the quips and wisecracks flying thick and fast.

The sense of comradery and deep fellowship amongst them is obvious, and it warms the hall.

This tight knit group of locals in the Lindenow Planned Activity Group is looking to meet new people, and hopes others will join them in their regular Tuesday meet-ups.

Planned Activity Group get-togethers provide a friendly place to share a meal, catch up with friends or make new ones, and enjoy a range of activities that can assist with better health and wellbeing. They can also serve as a valuable respite for carers.

BRHS organises Planned Activity Groups in Bairnsdale, Buchan, Lindenow, Metung and Paynesville, and our staff can assist you if you need help with transportation.

Older people living within the community, or people of any age living with a disability are encouraged to attend. The cost is $14 – $18 per day, which includes lunch and afternoon tea.

For more information about Planned Activity Groups, contact BRHS’ Planned Activity Group Manager Liz Brown at, or 5152 0277.