Kokedama? Don’t Mind If I Do.

Noela Pennington of the Medical Records team didn’t let the howling wind dampen her lunchtime spirits on Wednesday. Photos: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Kokedama and Spaghnum.

These are the two coolest words you will hear today. (Go on, say them out loud. Lovely.)

It may also be the name of an ultra-hip, avant-garde restaurant in Fitzroy that serves only sticks and dirt.

But Kokedama and Spaghnum is also what was going on in the garden behind Allied Health on Wednesday, as the Medical Records team got together for a little lunchtime hangout and Kokedama-making session.

Kokedama originated as a form of Japanese bonsai, and involves wrapping a small plant in a soil ball, Spaghnum moss, and securing it with twine.

(Kokedama translates in Japanese to “mossball.”)

The end result is a very cool little botanical treasure that you can keep on your desk or bookshelf.

Fun to make, fun to give.


For the Medical Records team, this is the first in what they hope will become a regular series of lunchtime activities.

“Maybe we’ll do a cooking class next,” says Noela Pennington.

There’s talk about an exercise class. Then someone mentions “planking.” Someone else suggests they could have a crack at the planking world record. (Did you know the planking world record is, like, 8 hours?)

What’s clear here is that fun is the main priority.

“The idea is just to make time to do something fun at work,” said Juliette Wenn. “We all work together, and so it’s great when we can carve out just a little time during the week to do something relaxed and have a laugh together.”

To learn more about Medical Records lunchtime sessions, reach out to Juliette on ext. 66493.