Margaret Wilson Retires – A Long Career at BRHS Leaves a Lasting Impact in the Community

Rhonda Wheeldon and Margaret Wilson reflect on Margaret’s 24 years of service at BRHS. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Staff past and present gathered at our Ross Street Campus on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the terrific career of Margaret Wilson as she retired after 24 years at BRHS.

Margaret Wilson began her career at BRHS in 1995 as a Casual Registered Nurse. But it was one year later that she found the specialty that would be a feature of her life’s work and on which she would have a long-lasting impact.

In 1996 Margaret began work as a Continence Advisor in what was then a fledgling, and fast-expanding, continence service led by Rhonda Wheeldon.

“I’m very grateful to be able to hand this work over to such a fantastic, hardworking and devoted group of nurses.”

Under Margaret’s leadership the continence service has continued to grow in recent years, and is now one of BRHS’ key community health programs.

In a touching speech before friends and colleagues on Thursday, Margaret paid tribute to several women she had worked with over years, including Lilian Leonard, Mary-Anne Magee, Louise Martin, Sue Avery and Judy Mays.

Margaret said that the approach of her retirement in the past few days had urged upon her a moment to reflect on her work over the years, and the past, present and future of the service she has given many years of her life to.

“And I thought, ‘wow, what a powerhouse this continence service is!’” she said.

“I’m very grateful to be able to hand this work over to such a fantastic, hardworking and devoted group of nurses.”

Margaret said she was proud of the growth of the continence service since it began in 1995, and to have seen how important the service has become to many people in East Gippsland.

“I always felt that it was just like working in a hospital ward, but the patients were all out in the community,” Margaret continued.

BRHS CEO Robyn Hayles perhaps put words to the feeling of many in the room when she said “I can see and feel the joy that nursing has brought you.”

“You’ve made a big difference to a lot of people over the years,” Robyn said. “I hope you continue to stay as proud of that work as you are right now.”