Over Grilled Tomatoes and Yoghurt, Blokes’ Breakfast Tackles Men’s Health Issues

Faisal Sabih, BRHS’s Manager of Community Health Service, at the Blokes Breakfast on Thursday morning. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Faisal Sabih didn’t skirt around the bad news.

“Women outlive men by an average of about eight years,” he told the 15 or so men gathered at BRHS’ regular Blokes Breakfast in the staff dining room on Thursday morning. “A lot of men just don’t do very much to look after their health.”

But, Faisal says, that is changing, as more and more men become aware that simple changes to diet and daily routines can make them feel better, live better and live longer.

Faisal is BRHS’s Manager of Community Health Services, a role in which he helps educate the community on, among other things, men’s health and diabetes.

“Men are less proactive with their health, and are less likely to go and see their GP until they have a serious problem,” Faisal says. “That’s not ideal.”

But, he told the group, men could make real improvements to their health by just being a little more conscious of what they eat – cutting back on carbohydrates and sugary foods, adding fruit and veg to regular snacks and meals, and trying to limit portion sizes.

If you’d like to know more about Men’s Health, Diabetes Education, or any of our Community Health Services, email Faisal and the team at chealth@brhs.com.au or call 5152.0222.