Red Sunday Recounts 70 Days of Devastation of 2014 East Gippsland Fires

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For those who haven’t seen it, the documentary film Red Sunday: Healing Through Narrative Therapy is about the the 2014 fires around Bonang and the impact of that devastating event on the people and communities that went through it.

The fires lasted nearly 70 days, and the documentary shares the experiences of that time from 39 community members from Tubbut, Bonang and Goongerah, providing a rare insight into the emotional and mental feelings of the victims during the fires.

“The stories they share, the pictures and video they took during the blazing fires will put you the audience member into a sense of shocked disbelief,” Producer Skantha Rajahn Thirugnanam told We Are Moving Stories.

You can watch the trailer, here.

Recently the film was screened to an international audience at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, where it was been nominated for an award.

If you’d like to check it out, visit the film’s facebook page to watch the trailer and learn more.