Shane Elmore, Sustainability Innovator, Inspiring Positive Change at BRHS

Shane Elmore. Photo: Jessica Shapiro


Hospital Attendant Shane Elmore was right at the heart of a number of terrific things that happened at BRHS in the past year.

As one of the driving forces behind The Green Team he spurred huge waste reduction benefits for BRHS and helped encourage a culture across the hospital of thinking about sustainability in everything we do.

Shane’s remarkable success in helping expand BRHS’ commitment to sustainability is equal parts passion, savvy and the willingness he inspires in others to follow his energetic lead.

For these reasons, among others, Shane was this week announced as the winner in The Innovator category of BRHS Trademark Behaviours Awards.

The Trademark Behaviours Awards are a wonderful annual celebration of good people doing great things at BRHS, and recognise employees and teams that exemplify one or more of BRHS’ Trademark Behaviours:

  • Step up and Take Responsibility
  • Be Positive and Support Others
  • Display Trust and Mutual Respect
  • Learn and Apply Knowledge
  • Courage to Change

Here’s just a few things Shane’s colleagues had to say about him.

“Shane’s energy for innovation and improvement at the hospital is infectious. Every time I speak with him he is excited about a new initiative of the Green Team, and eager to promote the good work happening at BRHS to the wider community.”

“As well as being an innovative and energetic employee, he is also friendly and ever-helpful.”

“I think Shane is a shining light at BRHS, and an example for other employees to follow.”

“Shane always works very hard, is always engaging and friendly to everyone, challenges disrespect, and is a consistently positive voice.”

“Shane has brought his knowledge and passion of sustainability with him to BRHS, then forging that passion on to our Green Champions, who now have that same drive and passion that Shane so openly possesses.”

Congratulations, Shane!

And a huge thank you to all the people that took a few moments out of your day to nominate someone for the Trademark Behaviours Awards.

By showing your appreciation for the people you work with, you made a real contribution to growing a strong culture of encouragement and support here at BRHS.