Stay Informed – Weekend Weather Could Trigger Thunderstorm Asthma Attacks



Do you have trouble breathing when the weather is about to turn wild, or when there is a lot of grass pollen in the air?

You’re not alone.

That’s called “thunderstorm asthma,” and it’s something many Australians experience.

Here’s some info about thunderstorm asthma:

  • People with hay fever in south-eastern Australia are likely to be allergic to grass pollen, and are therefore at increased risk of thunderstorm asthma.
  • Having both asthma and hay fever or poor control of asthma increases the risk further.
  • Thunderstorm asthma can affect people living in metropolitan, regional or rural areas, even if they don’t have a history of asthma.
  • Symptoms of epidemic thunderstorm asthma are essentially the same as asthma triggered by other causes.

The Department of Health and Human Services maintains a thunderstorm asthma information page.

If you suffer from thunderstorm asthma, or asthma in general, here’s some resources that will help you.

The Thunderstorm Asthma Forecast

Provides an up to date 3-day epidemic thunderstorm asthma forecast by region.

Asthma Emergency First Aid 

Critical signs of an asthma attack, and what to do.

Gippsland Lakes Community Health Respiratory Services

Their “asthma educators” can help you be prepared and manage your asthma before an attack hits.