Tambo Ward Rolls Up The Sleeves For Flu Shot

Some of the Tambo Ward team – back: Katie Clark, Tammy Lee Chatwin, front: Jessica Armstrong, Gabby Johnson, Wendy Barter and Sue Hutton.


Amazing what a little friendly competition can do!

Not to be outdone by their peers in the Emergency Department, staff on the Tambo Ward have rolled up their sleeves (literally) and hit the magic mark of having 95 percent of team members get their flu shot.

Here at BRHS we’ve been providing free flu shots for our staff and encouraging them to get a flu shot as part of our commitment to providing quality care to the local community.

As a sign of our appreciation, the Tambo troupe wins a $100 cash prize to spend on something for the ward.

Good on you, Tambo Ward. It’s a pretty impressive effort when you consider how busy they are.

There’s an extra flu vaccinations session on Friday this week: 

  • 0700 – 0900 (mobile rounds)
  • 0930 – 1230 (room 8, old Fraser Ward)
  • 1330 – 1515 (room 8, old Fraser Ward)

All staff are encouraged to get their flu shot!

For more information contact Infection Prevention Coordinator Suzanne Basford at Suzanne.Basford@brhs.com.au or ext. 66432.