Time to Pull That Funky Purple Thing Out of Your Wardrobe…

BRHS staff Kylie Hayes, Chris Cornish and Katrina Dick had a working lunch break to create decorations for Wear It Purple Day this Friday. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Purple. Weird, wonderful.

Here’s a few facts about the colour purple you may not know.

  1. There is only one nation with purple in its flag – Dominica.
  2. Fear of the colour purple is actually a thing, and it’s called Porphyrophobia.
  3. There are very few words that rhyme with purple, but one of them is “curple,” which seems to be some kind of Scottish slang for a horse’s backside.

Here’s another thing about purple you may not know: BRHS staff are encouraged to wear something purple this Friday.

BRHS is celebrating Wear It Purple Day this Friday to show support for young people that suffer bullying and harassment because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Wear It Purple Day started in 2010 in response to young LGBTIQ people taking their own lives as a result of bullying and harassment.

BRHS believes that everybody has the right to be proud of who they are, and we support and celebrate LGBTIQ people.

We’re throwing down the challenge – “How Funky Can You Get?”

Staff are encouraged to wear as much purple as they can on Friday, to help us make a clear statement that LGBTIQ are welcomed and supported in our health service and in our community.

Host a Wear It Purple morning tea, and send us a selfie of your team in purple gear.

Prizes will go to the funkiest and purple-est team!

To share pics:

For more information about Wear It Purple Day at BRHS, contact Mardi McLaughlin in People and Culture at mardi.mclaughlin@brhs.com.au or ext. 66619.