Wanted: Old School Skills Behind The Wheel

Credit: Getty


We all know that when it comes to being a good driver, there’s no substitute for experience.

If you’ve been driving a long time, and would like to donate a little of your time and experience to help young people be safe behind the wheel, you can.

The “L2P” Learner Driver Mentor Program is currently looking for supervising drivers to help mentor learning drivers.

The program helps disadvantaged young people that are having difficulty finding someone to help them achieve the required 120 hours of driving experience.

The aim of the L2P program is to reduce the number of young people killed on our roads each year, by giving them the experience of driving in different environments and situations, under the wise and watchful guidance of seasoned drivers.

Interested? Contact Cheryl Siely at Mission Australia on 5152 3654 or sielyc@missionaustralia.com.au