With Open Arms – BRHS Looking for the Right OTs to Join Ambitious Allied Health Crew

BRHS Occupational Therapy Team Leader Emma Smith with teammates Tom Davis, Tom Conway and Fiona Baker. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


Last month we reported on the remarkable culture of support, encouragement and cooperation that has flourished in our Allied Health team in recent years.

This had a lot to do with key initiatives that made new hires at BRHS feel welcomed not only to the hospital but also the community, and helped them find the friends and social networks that are so important when starting a new job in a new place.

And now the Allied Health crew is opening its arms to new team members – they’re looking for two Occupational Therapists to fill rotational roles and join the friendly and supportive multidisciplinary team.

If you’re ready to do powerful and rewarding work in one of the most beautiful regions in Australia, visit our Careers page for information on these vacancies.


1 x Full Time, Parental leave role

1 x Part Time, Fixed Term role until June 2020 (60 hours per fortnight)

More info at www.brhs.com.au/careers/

Allied Health staff, back – Amber Buller (Allied Health Assistant), Susanna Hope (Dietetian) Steven Jay (Dietetian) Liam Abbey (Physiotherapist), and, front – Angela Meade (Occupational Therapist) and Justine Ward (Social Worker). Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS


These roles offer six monthly rotations across a number of areas which may include: Outpatients; Inpatient rehabilitation and GEM; or Inpatient acute wards. Our Allied Health team is driven to embed innovative models of care that aim to provide holistic care with a strong focus on client engagement.

According to Team Leader Emma Smith, the benefit of working at a regional health service like BRHS is the wide-ranging and ever-changing experience of working in a small, ambitious team.

“You’re exposed to a lot of different things, here, and so I think we’re looking for people that work well in a flexible, dynamic environment, and that are willing to learn and adapt to new challenges,” she says.

The Allied Health team recently won plaudits for its “silo-busting” approach, where the various disciplines share office space, and are intentionally mixed in together.

If this sounds like your kind of team, get in touch with us. You can contact Occupational Therapy Team Leader, Emma Smith, on (03) 5150 3388 or Emma.Smith@brhs.com.au. More info on these vacancies at www.brhs.com.au/careers/

Fellow OT Tom Davis says it is one of the great strengths of the health service, and one of the most enjoyable things about working at BRHS.

He says that when an OT sits next to a Dietician and a Physiotherapist and a Speech Pathologist, for example, sharing conversations and cooperating on treatment strategies for patients, the result is more holistic treatment, and better results.

“It’s great to not be stuck in those silos that you sometimes find at bigger hospitals,” he says. “Here, we’re all very close. We see each other every day, we work closely together, we know each other and support each other. That goes for helping provide the best treatment for patients, and also for supporting each other outside of work, too.”

Indeed, the Allied Health crew is famous for its sense of team spirit and social bonding.

Probably more than any other department in the hospital these guys take full advantage of getting to live and work in the wilderness, outdoor recreation and food mecca that is East Gippsland.

Foodie excursions to East Gippsland’s best restaurants and wineries are a favourite, as are trips to the nearby snowfields and long hikes.

In this team, camaraderie is the MO. As one team member said recently, “They’re not your work friends, they’re your friends.”

If this sounds like your kind of team, get in touch with us.

You can contact Occupational Therapy Team Leader, Emma Smith, on (03) 5150 3388 or Emma.Smith@brhs.com.au

BRHS Physiotherapists, and recent grads, Genevieve Ryan, Eilis O’Haire and Emma McKinney. Photo: Jake Lynch/BRHS