The Emergency Department is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At times our ED can become quite busy and we appreciate your understanding and patience during these times.

We are often asked “Why are they being seen before me? I was here first, why do I have to wait?”.   There are many reasons why someone is seen in front of you or your relative/friend.

The person seen first may:

  • have a condition potentially more serious than yours
  • not need to be seen by a doctor and can have treatment attended by a nurse
  • have been referred by a local doctor and can have treatment commenced prior to seeing the hospital doctor
  • need to lie down, so will be taken into a treatment room, they will not necessarily be seen before you

Delays may occur:

  • if a critically ill patient arrives as they may require large amounts of resources for extended lengths of time
  • the doctor is called away to another area of the hospital
  • if a large number of patients are present in the department
  • the nursing staff will endeavour to keep you or the person accompanying you up-to-date with delays and an estimated waiting time

Please consider if the ED is the right place for you?

You may consider the following options if your condition is not serious:

GP Clinics:

Bairnsdale Medical Group – 5152 4123

Macleod Street Medical Centre – 5152 5145

Eastwood Family Clinic – 5152 7135

Advantage Health Point – 5152 3500

Service Street Medical Centre – 5141 0811

Cunningham Arm Medical Centre – 5155 2300

Gippsland Lakes Community Health – 5155 8300

Paynesville Medical Centre – 5156 7243